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5 inspirational wedding blogs

You wedding day should be a celebration of you: your story, your personality, your uniqueness as individuals and as a couple. So why are so many wedding magazines and blogs so… boring?

Step back from the same old spreads of model-perfect meringue-nest-wearing brides and stern advice. Look past the pink, and you’ll unlock the freedom to create a wedding day that all about you.

RocknRoll Bride

Sammy and Criag. Photograph by Aimlee Photography.

Now a fully-fledged monthly magazine, this independent-minded blog has been bringing alternative style to the wedding world for ten years. Created by Kat Williams in response to the pastel-pink uniformity she encountered when planning her own big day, it’s now a fixture for the modern woman who doesn’t want to do it by the book.

Nu Bride

Nu Bride

Lehdeen and Handy. Photograph by Emma-Jane Photography.

Traditional wedding magazines and blogs aren’t just very pink: they’re also very white. When that’s not you, that invisibility sends a powerfully negative message. Founded by diversity consultant Nova Reid, Nu Bride is well-researched source of inclusive photography, guidance and personal stories for contemporary couples. With a refreshing focus on your wellbeing during the planning process, and dedicated advice on hair and beauty, it’s guaranteed to give you confidence.

Gay Wedding Blog

Gay Wedding Blog

Alberto and Lorenzo. Photo by Duepunti Wedding Photography.

It’s a rare wedding magazine that features same-sex couples in its photography. It’s pretty rare to find a magazine that’s as comfortable talking to men as it is women, too. Whether or not you’re planning a gay wedding yourself, the individuality and sheer variety in the couples represented here provides a welcome antidote to the mainstream. You’ll find both casual and styled photo shoots here, plus trends, tips and queer-centric planning advice.

Bride vs Groom

Bride vs Groom

Matt and Dom. Artwork by Emily Pithon.

There’s chuckles aplenty from Matt and Dom, the self-confessed baffled bride and groom. This charming site boasts fun illustrations and a cheerful tone that takes your feelings seriously – and then makes you laugh. When you’re feeling the planning pressure building up, look no further.

Offbeat Bride

Photograph by Wild About You.

This Seattle-based blog is packed with resources for the DIY bride, from printables and wedding fonts to theme ideas and planning lists. Coupled with a quirky design sensibility and a tone of voice more Tumblr than Brides, Ariel’s laidback approach makes wedding planning fun again. And just wait till you check out this Harry Potter proposal

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