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How do hotels make beds?

It’s one of the highlights of any hotel stay: the welcome embrace of freshly-laundered sheets; the crisp lines of a well-made bed.

But if you’ve tried to replicate the effect at home, you might well have found your bedmaking skills sadly lacking. Those neat edges and tight folds aren’t as easy as they look.

So what’s the secret?

Read on to discover how to make a bed like a hotel housekeeper.

White nights

white sheets in a hotel bedroom

What colour are your sheets? Although there may be bright or subtle colour touches in soft furnishings, all-white bedlinen is standard for hotels – and for good reason.

As well as giving guests the reassurance that their bedding is fresh and clean, it provides a comforting and secure sense of calm and peace. Switch to white and you’ll take a step towards a sense of hotel-style serenity.

Two flat sheets, oversized

Fitted sheets might be practical, but you’ll rarely find them in a hotel.

For a perfect hotel fold, use two, and select a size larger than you need. The first provides the sheet you’ll sleep on, and should be tucked into traditional sharp hospital corners. The second goes on top, and is only tucked in at the foot of the bed and the sides. The oversized sheet will mean there’s plenty left to allow you to make a double fold at the top, below the pillows and over the other bedding, tucking the edge underneath to leave a perfect flat panel.

Cotton covers, narrow and long

Again, put comfort over practicality. Polycotton blends might dry quickly and be easy to wash, but they’ll never give the comfort and breathability of cotton.

To get that real sense of luxury, place your cosy duvet inside a cover that’s a little too small. One other hotel trick you may find harder to replicate from high-street bedding suppliers is the long end. While most home duvet covers have closures to allow the bottom of the duvet to hang over the end of the bed, that firm hotel tuck is achieved by a longer length of cover, with no closures, like a long flat sleeve. This long end is tucked firmly under the mattress, ensuring you get neat edges, and that comfortable tucked-in feeling.

Magic away the creases

A smooth flat surface makes a world of difference to how your bed feels. But can you achieve it without spending hours battling the iron, only to find boxy creases have arrived once the bed is made?

Yes, you can. While your hotel bedlinen will have been perfectly pressed, wrinkles and creases still occur.  The secret weapon of a hotel housekeeper is a simple spray bottle of water. Before the final tucks are made in your duvet cover, spray a fine mist across the surface, and shake. It will relax the creases, and leave a smooth surface.

Pillow secrets

Ever wondered how hotel pillows stand up so proudly? That inviting row of plump comfort is easily achieveable at home with just one trick.

Whether you prefer one or two pillows beneath your head as you sleep, add one extra for each side of the bed. Place this extra pillow flat, and before you add a pillowcase, smooth your arms along it until you have compressed it to almost half its standard size. Once it’s in its case, stand this pillow up resting flat against the headboard or wall. Then rest your other pillows against it, at an angle. The flat pillow behind will give your bed that extra air of luxury and softness.


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