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Latest news: what’s happening on site

The University of Birmingham’s hotel project is now proceeding at great speed, with much of the construction work on the exteriors already complete.

At a recent site visit on a cold December day, General Manager Richard Metcalfe spoke enthusiastically about the plans for the landscaping around Hornton Grange and Garth House, which are scheduled to reopen in March 2018.

The new hotel, meanwhile, looked stunning on a beautiful bright winter day.

This is the hotel restaurant.

Here, you can see how the interior is progressing.

This building will house the reception, and you can see the new accommodation just to the left. This latter building is four storeys, and curves around the rear of the other buildings.

Glass panels waiting to be lifted into place.


If you’re finding it hard to visualise how all this will ultimately come together, this should help.

Artist's impression of the Edgbaston Park Hotel site

We’ll be back with another site visit soon.

Still curious?

Find out more about what the Edgbaston Park Hotel will have to offer when it opens in 2018, and the story behind the project.

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