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Site visit: bathtubs and daffodils

Spring has certainly arrived here in Edgbaston. You can see it in the bright blooming flowers, and the (occasional) blue skies. You can feel it, too, in the thrilling sense of progress on site.

Building a new hotel is a slow process. But at last we’re able to share with you more than pictures of unfinished rooftops, scaffolding and mud.

These snaps are unpolished. As you can see, there’s still much work to do. But hopefully you’ll see what we can here. Green shoots. New beginnings. An exciting fresh start.

Garth House bathroom

Bathroom at Garth House

The subtle colours, classic feel and rich textures bring a wonderful sense of style to this luxury bathroom.

A bedroom in the Edgbaston Park Hotel

That same sense of quality, subtlety and care carries into the new hotel building, too. There will be 172 bedrooms in the modern section of the hotel, all designed with a restful night’s sleep in mind.

Hornton Grange, as viewed from inside the new hotel

Sadly, we couldn’t quite manage no scaffolding; it’s still a building site, after all. But this glimpse of the tall windows and high ceilings gives a sense of how the design brings the outdoors inside, mirroring the Arts and Crafts┬áprinciples of Garth House.

The conference centre

That sense of scale, light and greenery is even clearer in this shot of the conference centre’s interior. This is clearly going to be a stunning space to hold a conference, and perfect for weddings too.

Spring daffodils at Garth House

This glorious splash of colour gives only a hint of what’s to come, once the garden landscaping is complete. As you can see, the hotel grounds are already blessed with mature trees and a sense of peace. Further landscaping will honour the existing features, and restore the grounds of Garth House and Hornton Grange to their former glory.

For a glimpse of how far we’ve come, take a look at our past site visits. And remember to return soon, for more spring sunshine and more good news.

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