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The indecisive bride’s wedding guide

Ever found yourself clutching a menu as the waiter looms, anxiously dithering between the pasta and the seabass, before panic-ordering a pepperoni pizza because deciding was just too hard?

You’re not alone. In fact, 56% of people consider themselves indecisive.

The good news is that indecisive people aren’t wrong to take their time. In fact, avoiding decisions or regarding them as threatening may simply indicate you have a high level of emotional sensitivity – which in turn means an acute awareness of the details and subtleties of your environment. And being detail-oriented is no bad thing when planning your big day.

But with so much to plan, and so many voices offering advice, the burden can seem overwhelming. Follow our Indecisive Bride’s Guide to Wedding Planning, and you’ll be ticking off that wedding to-do list in double-quick time.

Cut the noise

If you’ve braved a wedding show, or even browsed the magazine shelves at your local WHSmith, you’ll have been bombarded by voices telling you what your wedding absolutely, definitely cannot happen without. Which would be fine, if the voices all said the same thing.

Tune out the cacophony by choosing just two or three trusted sources of help: ones that suit you and your wedding. On a budget? Try Wedding Ideas magazine. Hoping to borrow inspiration from real weddings? Check out the handbag-sized Perfect Wedding magazine. Thinking non-traditional? Visit Rock n Roll Bride for the best alternative wedding advice.

Hit the high street

If you struggle with decision-making, chances are you already find clothes shopping hard work – even if all you’re looking for is a pair of socks. Picking ‘the dress’ is never going to be easy for you.

But there’s no need to throw all your usual style rules away. An increasing number of your favourite high street shops now offer bridal lines. If Whistles, Ted Baker or ASOS make up a sizeable chunk of your wardrobe, they should be your first port of call. Your budget will appreciate it, too.

Pretty in purple

Chair sashes, bridesmaids’ gowns, bouquets and buttonholes… Yes, more decisions for you to make.

Hand this one over to the experts. Pantone’s colour of the year 2018 is Ultra Violet, a rich bold purple with strong blue undertones.  It’ll pair perfectly with white linens on tables and baby’s breath in your flowers: think delphiniums, anemones, grape hyacinth or a classic rose. Dresses in this shade will be easy to find, too. If you’re getting wed this year, your perfectly co-ordinated wedding just got a lot simpler. One tip: avoid gold with this scheme, unless you want to look like the Cadbury bunny for your wedding.

Pass it on

You don’t have to do this all by yourself. Weddings are about partnership, so make sure you’re both pulling your weight – especially if your loved one finds choices less uncomfortable.

Bring friends and family on board, too, by asking them to select a job they feel confident they can help with. Choosing between the three table-setting ideas your arty friend handpicked for you is a world away from endlessly flipping through Pinterest.


Remember that every professional you work with wants your day to be special, too. And they have one colossal advantage: they’ve done this before.

Once you’ve chosen your venue, you’ll discover they have a wealth of knowledge to draw on. Many offer an in-house service that provides bespoke catering, room dressing and night-time entertainment, keeping decision-making simple by narrowing down your options to a few tried and tested winners. Those that don’t will have preferred suppliers they have used before, and know can be counted on.

Trust the expertise of the team around you, and you won’t be making all those big decisions in the dark.

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