As you’d expect, accessibility is a priority. Nothing we do should prevent you from enjoying the same comfortable, relaxing and inspiring experience when you visit as your fellow guests.

The landscaped grounds have been thoughtfully planned with access in mind, with step-free alternative routes, slopes at appropriate gradients, and clear lighting and waymarking to enhance visibility. Disabled parking bays are available. Level access into the main hotel and conference centre is adjacent to the parking bays, via automatic sliding doors. A lift will take you to the first-floor rooms.

Level access is provided into Hornton Grange via the new extension to the rear of the building. Due to the historic nature of Garth House, accessibility adjustments are limited; however level access is available via the rear of the building. Both houses have accessible bathroom facilities and lifts.

Accessible bedrooms with adapted en-suite bathrooms are also available: please choose an Adapted Standard room when you book. And if there’s anything else you need, from an adapted seating layout in a conference room or restaurant table to a change in your audio set-up, all you need to do is ask.

Website accessibility

As we are part of the University of Birmingham, we encourage any website viewer that is experiencing difficulty with navigating the site to refer to our website accessibility statement.

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